Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Search Engine Opimization has now become an essential for online business. The gigantic variations of SEO helps to decide whether a website is hit or flop. But the main difference lies in some keywords, phrases and meta-keywords. So its the SEO, upon which an online marketing strategy, or entrepreneurship is fully dependent.
Now for a fresher its seems like alsolutely a daunting job to fully grasp SEO. But there are some ways or techniques of it, if properly applied in marketing and developing definitely will result the success. These are as follows:
1. The first step of search engine optimization for a website is, the site must concentrate on contents means texts rather than design or layouts. Because visitor are for the informations not the designs. So its better to have a site having normal font with extra-ordinary contents.
2. The most important is the "title TAG". It is essential for the pages of a website and its the title tag only that describes a website in one thing. So if used in a creative way, its really the powerful technique.
3. Another way is to putting the keywords in the ALT tags. The number of keywords here should be little in number otherwise the site get penalized.
4. Next important thing is the link popularity. It means the backlinks or how much other websites refers the actual site. It helps to get a pagerank also. Now the referring anchors or keywords have to be small so they helps to optimize.
5. The vital thing is the weightage of keywords. Use main keyword at the title once. But spread it throughout the article. Its really helps a lot in search engine optimization.
6. The page size is of great importance in search engine optimization. The traversing speed has to be good otherwise it degrades the search engine spiders to act. So as simple as that is possible is good for SEO. The web-pages are to be in a range of about 5 to 15k in size.
7. Another important point is to use a good design and theme of the website. The consistency also factors, means if 200 words per page is maintained is quite good for others having 15k and blanc in other pages. Also the designs helps a lot for indexing. The appropriate designs also attracts visitor and the content has to be the visitor browser compatible. Try to avoid Flash and Javascripts as search engines hate them.
8. Finally try to create internal links between contents and grasp the visitor for more pages and contents. So basically its a kinda tactical work for optimizing. But these are the out-most techniques for acquiring a good result in search engines.
Apart from these discussed in the content also other SEO techniques are there. But these seems good and quite efficient. Anyways if you want to know more check out my blog, regarding Earning money by SEO.

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